Man Tells Armed Boogaloo Boys to Go the F Home! (+2 more)

A Michigan Man told some armed Boogaloos to get out when they were protesting the arrest of a man after a 36-hour police standoff. Ana Kasparian and Francesca Fiorentini discuss on The Young Turks. 

Man Tells Armed Boogaloo Boys To Go The F Home! – YouTube

Cops Immediately Arrest Black Man, Not White Suspect

Los Angeles police responded to a call from a white woman about her white ex-boyfriend… and immediately arrest the first black man they see. Jayar Jackson, Benjamin Dixon, and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks.

McConnell’s Corruption Finally Catches Him

Mitch McConnell is now backtracking on his comments about businesses speaking out against the Georgia Voting Law, in his own corrupt, lying way.