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Guilty On All 3 Counts! (+2 more)

Jim Hightower and Maurice Mitchell from #WorkingFamiliesParty​ discuss the #ChauvinVerdict​, what it means for the community, policing and the work moving forward.


Right Wing Media Melts Down Over Chauvin Verdict

Right-wing media melts down over the Derek Chauvin guilty verdict, including Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, as well as other Newsmax and Fox News hosts.


Florida Just Passed A Bill Aimed At Protesters

Sonali Kolhatkar speaks with Anna Eskamani about the Florida bill that just passed that aims at protesters.

Florida Governor Ron Desantis has signed a troubling bill into law that seeks to criminalize dissent and appears to be aimed squarely at the Black Lives Matter movement. While the pro-Trump Republican governor and his allies are claiming that the law is meant to protect the public from riots, the ACLU of Florida has called it an “anti-protest” bill. A broad coalition of grassroots groups, clergy, lawyers and liberal lawmakers have expressed their opposition to the bill for weeks. Now that it has been signed into law we’ll turn today to a progressive activist turned lawmaker elected to the Florida House of Representatives.